Recorded webinar : This year's back to school conversation

Heading back to school during a pandemic can be stressful for kids and parents. To help support parents as they have these discussions, Lumino Health hosted a webinar called "This year's back to school conversations".

What is Lumino Health: 0:14
Agenda: 0:31
Intro to panelist: 1:07
What can parents do to ease their children's anxiety: 5:00
Kids being reluctant to express their thoughts/worries: 6:17
Things parents need to be mindful of: 7:50
how should parents discuss changes: 9:26
Tips for parents to manage their own worries/anxieties: 12:15
How parents help their children cope with covid fatigue: 15:10
Resources for kids and teens when it comes to mental health: 19:10
Tips to help kids and teens keep motivated while they are home: 21:37
For children learning at home, how can parents help them feel connected to their peers: 24:15
Developing a schedule for your kids: 26:00
Tips for parents to help students with missing out on school activities: 27:06
Tips to help parents empower their students in this environment: 29:30
Tips for parents on respecting others boundaries: 32:08
What are things parents can do to help their kids keep a positive mindset: 33:46

The panelists featured:
- Yaniv Elharrar, a Clinical Psychologist and co-director of the West Island Therapy and Wellness Centre in Montreal
- Raisa Loureiro, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) at the Roncesvalles Psychology Clinic in Toronto

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